A variety of automated packaging systems designed to dramatically shorten the packaging process, while maximizing labor efficiency.


  • A powerful solution for the high-volume e-commerce market, the FloWrap system produces customized, ready-to-ship, rightsized polybags.
  • The FloWrap automated platform can produce packs at up to 30 bags per minute. FloWrap film can also be used on a semi-automated Shanklin platform. Customers can choose their best match from options including film length, width and height, and perforation length.


  • Offers easy integration. The horizontal inline system integrates seamlessly into existing packaging lines.
  • Operates automatically. Place the product on the conveyor with a visible barcode and the system does the rest.
  • Increases fulfillment velocity. The FloWrap automated mailer system produces up to 30 polybags per minute, allowing orders to move faster.
  • Enables labor savings. Less labor is required for sorting, label application, scanning or manual packing.
  • Reduces freight costs. The FloWrap produces rightsized polybags that are fully scanned, labeled, manifested, validated and ready for shipment without wasted material or void space.
  • Recyclable. FloWrap polybags can be recycled at any one of over 18,000 retail store drop-off locations nationwide.