Protective polyethylene foam backed with adhesive film provides surface protection that clings to your product for fast, easy, tape-free application and removal. Adhesive film holds securely ensuring products remain damage-free during handling or shipping, improves labor efficiency and reduces need for excess packing materials. Reusable.


  • Affixes readily to a wide range of highly-polished or painted metal surfaces or smooth plastic substrates
  • Adhesive holds protection securely in place over time, yet leaves no residue or adhesive “patterning”
  • Conforms easily to compound or unusual shapes
  • Provides durable interleaving for heavier products
  • Can be trimmed or precisely die-cut to fit selective areas
  • Can be reused multiple times, thus reducing solid waste and material costs
  • Damage reduction: Highly adaptable to protect your products, conforms easily to unusual shapes, can be trimmed or die-cut to fit selective areas.
  • Customer experience: Can be reused multiple times, thus reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of.
  • Fulfillment velocity: Easy-to-use film that affixes readily and removes easily without leaving a residue making quick work of packing for shipment.