Look beyond the box when shipping products that need protection from damage. Sealed Air’s line of Jiffy® envelopes and poly mailers are engineered to be tough on the outside, while providing cushioning on the inside. These padded envelopes are lightweight, easy-to-use alternatives to corrugated boxes for businesses fulfilling product volumes of all sizes. Jiffy® bubble mailers are now stronger and more protective than ever and are suitable for a wide range of products.

Whether a company ships several items per package or just one, mailers provide companies with a reduction in freight costs, labor requirements, and packaging waste as well as gains in warehouse space and shipping convenience. Unlike boxes and other rigid containers, an added benefit of mailers is they can often be placed inside mailboxes with other envelopes rather than left on doorsteps

Custom Printing Increases Brand Visibility
Jiffylite® Bubble Mailers and TuffGard® Poly Mailers offer businesses a way to extend brands through custom printing that makes a statement. With so many brown packages being shipped these days, companies that want to set themselves apart and keep the customer coming back for more know that custom mailers make a difference.
Put your custom design on Sealed Air’s Jiffylite® Bubble Mailers and TuffGard® Poly Mailers. You can add business logos, photos, or illustrations, and more.


  • You can choose from different custom mailer colors and surfaces
  • One, two or multi-color printing in up to eight colors (PMS and process) is available
  • Available in a variety of sizes and with your own print/logo
  • Lightweight for shipping cost savings