Custom die-cut pieces of foiled bubble turn an ordinary corrugated box into a lightweight cooler for shipping perishable items. Temperature assurance solution for quick excursions of 12-24 hours. Better solution than EPS coolers reduces overall material costs, outbound freight and inventory storage and operational logistics.


  • Consists of a layer of air cellular cushioning material laminated to reflective aluminum film to provide excellent thermal value
    Third web foil bubble laminate is FDA approved for incidental contact with food
  • Thin and lightweight, yet provides resistance against all three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiant heat
    Compact and pliable, it conforms to product shapes and sizes better than alternative insulating materials
  • Material sold in sheets, liners and bags; gusseted liner, metalized pouches
  • 3 film layers; external reflects heat, bubble layer, internal retains temp.
  • R-values of 1.0 – 2.0; Estimated shipping time: 12-24 hours


  • Damage Reduction: 3-layer foiled bubble has insulation properties that maintains internal temperature for 12-24 hours ensuring products arrive fresh.
  • Cube Optimization: Smaller carton, lower freight costs: flexible liners conform to contents, which allows use of smaller external cartons thus reducing shipping costs.