The variety of batching, delivery and converting options make the NewAir I.B.® Express Packaging System the perfect fit in almost any packaging environment.

Bubble Wrap IB Pouch
Designed to run on the NewAir IB Flex™ and NewAir IB Express® packaging systems, Bubble Wrap® IB Pouch is an inflate on-demand bubble bag solution

Bubble Wrap® IB
Bubble Wrap® IB is a flexible, protective air-cellular solution that can be inflated on-demand in whatever quantity is required for each order.

Fill-Air® AirWrap
AirWrap is an on-demand inflatable void fill solution that protects durable goods. Its flexible capabilities bridge the gap between traditional void fill and cushioning applications.

NewAir I.B.® Extreme Films
Designed to run on the NewAir I.B.® Flex or Express packaging systems, Extreme is