Designed to run on the NewAir I.B.® Flex or Express packaging systems, Extreme is an on-demand cushioning solution offering damage protection that rivals foam. The material is ideal for heavy and/or fragile products.
The on-demand inflatable material ships flat, which maximizes warehouse space, and can be inflated in any amount. The inflation system is designed to reduce packing time.


  • Damage protection: Exceptional air cushioning packaging that has high abuse resistance, retains air longer, and provides damage protection that rivals foam.
  • Cube optimization: Conforms to product and carton, eliminates excess space, reduces carton size, and provides exceptional protection.
  • Fulfillment velocity: Reduces design and fabrication time associated with polymer foams. Extreme H-160 can be inflated on site and with a simple wrap-and-pack technique provide superior protect protection.
  • Sustainable and reusable: NewAir films can be deflated by the end user to reduce volume in a landfill or used again to protect items in new shipments.
  • Warehouse space: Saves up to 80% of valuable floor and storage space because the material ships flat and inflates on demand as needed.
  • Packing speed: Inflatable materials offer up to a 20% increase in packing speed.
  • Simplicity: Sealed Air’s inflatable platforms are easy to operate and provide consistent packaging outcomes.


  • Electronics: computer and networking equipment, electronic components
  • Automotive Aftermarket Parts
  • Aviation Components
  • HVAC Aftermarket Parts
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Appliances
  • Medical Equipment
  • Furniture