Small footprint bubble cushioning system ideal for small businesses omnichannel backroom or workstations in a fulfillment operation. Inflates IB films on-demand protecting products during shipment. This on-demand inflatable cushioning system is ideal for small packing spaces. Inflates on-demand bubble films reducing freight costs, warehouse space and inventory management.


  • Fulfillment Velocity: Inflates on-demand and on-site in manual or batch mode at 11 feet per minute creating the right amount of packaging for every box.
  • The easy-to-use system offers an intuitive touch panel for operational settings.
  • At just 25 pounds, the system is lightweight enough to move manually and fits on most tabletop surfaces.
  • The system inflates flat rolls of plastic film that require less storage space than pre-inflated cushioning material.
  • Similar to household appliances, the NewAir I.B.® Nano system plugs into 110V outlets.
  • The air cushioning material provides superior protection for small parcel shipments containing fragile items.
  • No training is required, which makes it a good choice for ship-from-store operations where sales employees are called upon to pack e-commerce orders.